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I’ve switched. Kinda.

My new Mac Mini arrived today from PowerMax (gotta love Oregon!). After much negotiation from Cheryl, it replaces the mini PC that was being used in the guest room for email, browsing, and light document editing (and blogging—this post is being created in Safari). Since it was bought from a reseller, it didn’t come standard with Tiger. However, I’ve placed my order at Apple for the upgrade, and I believe it will be $10 well spent.

I’ve lusted after OSX for quite some time, given its Unix heritage and lickable screens. That’s why there was some debate as to where this computer would be used. I had originally thought it would replace my main machine I use for work, the theory being that I normally just VPN into my work machine anyway. But its incredibly small size and near-silent operation make it ideal for tucking away in the corner.

So my current thought is that this is the gateway drug. It will be Cheryl’s everyday computer, and once she gets over the hurdle of forgetting all the windows conventions and learning the way of the X, she’ll shudder every time she’s forced to use something other than a Mac. That’s when I’ll be able to replace my Athlon for a G5 with minimal marital resistance. That moment may be down the road some. But such is the price paid for hardware upgrades that don’t upset a happy home.

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