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Out like a lamb

Ani walking in the sunset

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May 2005 is over, and I’ll miss it.

This past month, I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. And what a celebration we had. Three out of four grandparents traveled from distant lands to help in the festivities. On her actual birthday (Weds the 25th), I paid the fine folks at “The Old Spaghetti Factory” to let Ani throw food all over their floors. We followed it up with a lovely stroll through Myrtle Edwards Park in downtown Seattle at sunset (pictured here). Gift opening spanned several days, not (necessarily) due to an abundance of gifts, but because Ani took so long in tearing off the paper. And on Saturday, we had a grand bash with about 15-20 other 1 year olds from Cheryl’s mom’s group. Too bad Ani won’t remember one bit of it.

May 2005 also marked the 10th anniversary of my “Top Five Life-Changing Events” (with Ani’s birth, my first date with Cheryl, and being adopted by my step-dad also in the running). In May 1995 I took a roadtrip (yes, I know, very cliché) with zalm and hatboy from Chicago to northern Minnesota. Ostensibly, we were all to be groomsmen in a wedding. But really, I was celebrating the beginning of the best friendships I’ve ever known.

Sadly, I have no pictures of this event at the ready. The Wayback Machine used to, but they seem to have disappeared into the bit ether. Suffice it to say, we were all thinner back then…

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