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Business cards have always been little more than a novelty to me. As a coder, I rarely spend much time in groups that find much currency in them. And so I never even considered bringing any along for this trip to JavaOne. How silly of me. Of course, conferences are a perfect time to unload these otherwise worthless pieces of weak identification. I’ve already struck up conversations with strangers (who, as we all know, are just friends you haven’t met yet) where handing over a business card would oddly have seemed like a perfectly natural interaction. And I had nothing.

As you may have noticed or cared, I’ve stopped using the “JavaOne, Part *” title nomenclature. Partly because it sucked. But also because I created a category for all my JavaOne posts, since I imagine I’m going to write more this week than all my other posts combined. Not necessarily because JavaOne is the most interesting thing I’ve ever done. I just don’t have much else to do while I’m waiting between sessions…

My first technical session turned out to be a bust. It was supa-dupa hot in the room, and, as it turns out, I don’t really know much about JAX and Java-based web services to find much interest in the where this particular technology is going.

The one thing I did find out is that everything is going to be very annotation-heavy. Java EE 5 will rely heavily on annotations to replace much of the mundane descriptor configuration and boilerplate code. This is certainly a welcome development. There’s no greater buzzkill to application development than having bugs in your XML descriptors. I’m especially looking forward to trying out Hibernate Annotations, when I find the time. And what else do I have but time this week?

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JavaOne, Part 2

In the second general session for the day. It’s being lead by some guy from BEA. I didn’t think it’d be that interesting, so I planned to do some blogging. And here I am. But, lucky for me, BEA was using this forum to announce their partnership with Spring, and will be officially supporting the Spring
Framework on their application server, WebLogic. And now Rod Johnson, creator of Spring, is giving a mini-overview of Spring and the beauty of POJO’s. They demonstrated a cool console that used in WebLogic that lets you get an overview and monitor your Spring beans. Cool.

The General Session this morning was out of control. I don’t attend conferences like this much, but this seemed over the top. There were humongous monitors in the background showing crazy marketing slides and videos. Stylized lighting. Funky space music by “Magnetic Poetry”, featuring Paul Horn (or so we were told). And then the introductory video… man, I’ve got to find me a copy of that on the web. My favorite quote (I couldn’t write them all down) was that with Java, we are now “free from the tyranny of space and time.” I’m clearly not getting the most out of my JVM…

The speakers were actually pretty interesting, save for the SOA guy. I’m actually interested in learning about SOA, and how Jobster might take advantage of tools emerging around this technology (I just started playing around with Mule). But this guy provided little enlightment to how Sun intends to service this market. Which is too bad, since this seems like an area that could use someone providing clear vision.

I’m now sitting in my first technical session: “Next-Generation Web Services in the Java Platform”. It should start any minute now. If Rod Johnson shows up to this one, I’m going to assume he’s stalking me.

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JavaONE, part 1

Monday morning. 8AM. JavaONE. Moscone Center. San Francisco.

Between my hotel and the JavaONE pavilion, I’ve already had 3 pastries and 2 cups of coffee. Who knew there’d be so many free muffins?

I don’t know why I decided to do this. I guess I wanted to be that kind of Java geek. I’m not the only loner in this place, though there do seem to be a majority of people travelling in groups. This will be good reason to post to my blog: someone to talk to. Thank God for the Jobster PowerBook and free wireless.

So far, my terror is justified. Lotsa geeks everywhere (I am them). My initial guess is 10:1 male:female ratio. Already an abundance of schwag: backback with t-shirt, notebook, etc. I’m more interested in the schedule. It’s like a college coursebook. There are scheduled events ’til almost midnight. Not sure if I’m going to make all of them; I need to get intimate with schedule.

People are starting to file out of breakfast to the first “General Session.” I imagine it’s a general rah-rah to kick this party off right. However, there’s still a long line out the door of people waiting to get their kruller. Glad I’m an early riser.

More later.

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