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The Prodigal Camera

Ani loves gardens

What once was lost, now is found! Our camera has resurfaced, and we’ve welcomed it back home with open arms. Of course, the digital video camera is jealous that we’re showing all this lavish attention on this seeming ingratious device, while it has remained at our side steadfastly through the whole process. Thus it is always with the older brother…

To celebrate, I’ve put up some new photosets with the photos that were on the camera, and a few new ones I took in haste before its battery ran out. They’re not nearly as big as some of my previous galleries, but Ani is no less cute and our kitchen was no less remodeled.

The new photosets include:

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Hibernate hates Spring

Categorize this one under thematically similar project names leading to seasonal irony.

How much does Hibernate seemingly despise Spring? So much that they no longer acknowledge that Spring is a “Related Project”. Just today, Christian Bauer (core Hibernate developer and website maintainer) removed all references of Spring from this page in their wiki. Nevermind that for a good percentage of J2EE developers, Hibernate and Spring are like chocolate and peanut butter. Of course, this kind of editorial exorcism isn’t unprecedented for Hibernate; they previously heavily edited, then removed completely, the Spring integration page (no longer available) on their wiki. I guess it’s hard to blame JBoss (Hibernate’s owning company) for desiring perpetual winter (and never Christmas?); Spring’s popularity is due in no small part to its promise of successful Java enterprise development sans EJBs and, thus, the managed containers (like the JBoss Application Server) required to deploy them.

All this head-burying and ear-covering from the Hibernate camp is rather humorous to watch. It becomes less of a laughing matter, however, if Hibernate ever takes practical steps to cripple itself when used outside the context of the JBoss AS. Hopefully, standardization around OR/M persistence with JSR-220 and the javax.persistence API will help keep Hibernate honest in this regard. But then, you never know what kind of wacky stunts these guys are likely to try.

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