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The Colbert Report

Wow. That was good.

Tonight was the series premiere of “The Colbert Report”, a “spinoff” of the best show on television: “The Daily Show”. Stephen Colbert was easily the best of the “correspondents” on TDS, and he certainly put his best foot forward tonight. Despite some awkward moments and obvious jitters, the show had my wife and me rolling.

Stone Phillips made a lovely first guest. Stephen’s impersonation of Stone’s famous nodding was priceless. And I thought I was going to lose it watching their “gravitas faceoff”, as they dueled each other reading fake news copy. Where else will you get to hear Stone say, “In the interest of fairness, this reporter admits to having a piercing in a similar location”?

Stephen will be missed on The Daily Show, but I have a welcome new addition to my Tivo’s “Season Passes”. While I may have lost a correspondent, I’ve gained an anchorman.

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