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We’re a single-car family, and I bike and bus to work, so the ever-rising cost of gas doesn’t affect me as much as others. But that doesn’t mean I don’t sympathize with my fellow man:

I fill my car with 50 dollars worth of gas. I drive to the store to buy a 6 dollar bag of beef jerky. It takes me 3 dollars to go 14 miles to buy the jerky. I eat it all before I get home so I must go back to the store to buy more jerky for 6 dollars. Again it costs me 3 dollars in gas. I finish the jerky just as I arrive at home only to get an upset stomach from 1/2 pound of dried beef swelling in my stomach. I now have to spend another 3 dollars in gas to buy a 7 dollar bottle of Rolaids. This 1 hour of my life cost me 28 dollars. With the price of gas these days I think its time to give up on beef jerky. Another pleasure gone due to gas prices.
Joe Stain, Atlanta, Georgia

Nobody wins when Joe has to give up the jerky.

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Please Stand By

This blog may be going through some minor changes. I’m going to try some changes to the layout, including adding widget support and possibly fixing some style changes. I’m not an actual web designer, though, so it may be a little choppy for awhile. I’m sure you’ll manage.

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Jobster R10

Yesterday at Jobster, we rolled out our biggest release since our public launch a year ago. As I mentioned in a previous post, most of the work I was involved in is only available to our paying customers, so (conveniently?) I can’t provide links to stuff I worked on directly.

That isn’t to say that I’m not excited about the stuff I can show you. Our front page was given a new look, and we we’re now including the “Jobster Live” view of real-time job searches on our main page. You can see the jobs and locations people are searching in real time, accompanied by a cool animation of the search and its results. Those little animations are clickable now, too!

We also introduced a neat “trends” page that shows how various search types and locations are changing in popularity, akin to Google’s Zeitgest page. Cool stuff!

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Normally, I hate surfing the Internet on April Fool’s Day. Most site authors have an over-inflated view of their own cleverness. Most of the “fake” news stories aren’t funny, and it just distracts from the real content.

But I found the SQL on Rails site brilliant. There’s not a lot there, but the taglines and web 2.0-y touches are worth the price of the click.

If you enjoyed this, you’ll probably also want to check out the latest thinking in software development methodolgies as well. Document-driven documentation, indeed.

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