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Jobster R10

Yesterday at Jobster, we rolled out our biggest release since our public launch a year ago. As I mentioned in a previous post, most of the work I was involved in is only available to our paying customers, so (conveniently?) I can’t provide links to stuff I worked on directly.

That isn’t to say that I’m not excited about the stuff I can show you. Our front page was given a new look, and we we’re now including the “Jobster Live” view of real-time job searches on our main page. You can see the jobs and locations people are searching in real time, accompanied by a cool animation of the search and its results. Those little animations are clickable now, too!

We also introduced a neat “trends” page that shows how various search types and locations are changing in popularity, akin to Google’s Zeitgest page. Cool stuff!

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Normally, I hate surfing the Internet on April Fool’s Day. Most site authors have an over-inflated view of their own cleverness. Most of the “fake” news stories aren’t funny, and it just distracts from the real content.

But I found the SQL on Rails site brilliant. There’s not a lot there, but the taglines and web 2.0-y touches are worth the price of the click.

If you enjoyed this, you’ll probably also want to check out the latest thinking in software development methodolgies as well. Document-driven documentation, indeed.

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