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Back from vacation

This is my first week back after a 3 week vacation from Jobster.

A lot happened in those 3 weeks.

The time off encompassed both Christmas and New Years, and included the full week before and after each holiday. My wife and I had originally considered trying to travel during this period, but decided the cost to travel to either Denver or Chicago (the respective locations of my wife’s and my parents) was prohibitive. We opted instead to just stay home and enjoy each other’s company, without the stress of travel. That opted to be a wise move, given all the snow storms in Denver that played havoc with flight schedules.

While I didn’t score a Wii Christmas day, I was able to pick one up the following Wednesday at my local Fred Meyer. I’ll see if I can devote a post to that experience in the near future. Suffice it to say, this has been the big hit of the holiday season for both of us.

I had a few goals for the vacation, and while I didn’t accomplish all of them, I did make headway on most. One of those goals was to blog more. I pretty much failed that one (as I pretty much fail at all my blogging-related goals), but the fact that you’re reading this post suggests I at least deserve partial credit. I’m also experimenting on cleaning up the blog itself. It’s an eyesore at the moment, and I want to take more advantage of the amount of my life that’s available online (e.g., delicious links, shared Google Reader stories, etc). I’m slowly making headway here, too.

Another goal was to upload more of our photos to Flickr. I spent the money for a shiny Flickr Pro account months ago, but had been fairly lax in getting any of our photos on it of late. I did make progress on this front over my vacation, and even added a ‘Flickr Badge’ (visible in the sidebar) which provides a fancy overview of my most recent Flickr uploads.

Oh, and Jobster laid off 40% of its staff (over 60 people) while I was gone. This is well-covered in the news and other blogs, but I hope to provide my thoughts on the matter in the near future.

More soon. I promise…

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